You’re Ambivalent About Making Your Life Better, And That’s Okay

Odds are, you want your life to be better. If that’s true, then I can predict with 95% accuracy that you also feel some ambivalence about making your life better. I’m here to tell you that it’s completely okay. The truth is, just about everyone feels ambivalence about changing or improving their life. Humans are… Continue reading

Intuition, Your Most Powerful Ally

Intuition is intellect coming instantly in at highest speed into dominance over lower-speed, lagging brain reflexing. R. Buckminster Fuller As amazing as you are, how much more amazing would you be if you had constant access to your best thinking, your highest-speed intellect? What if you put that intelligence in dominance over the instincts of your lowest… Continue reading

Women, Society Doesn’t Want You To Uncover Your True Beauty

As a woman, you’re probably aware of the pressure to conform to the idealized feminine expectations that you must be “Nice, thin, modest, and use all available resource for appearance.”[1] You also know how to use these standards against your fellow women, just as they are used against you by your girlfriends, to keep you… Continue reading