John Legend: “Success Through Effort”

I’m a big fan of Khan Academy. They recently sat down with John Legend and asked him some questions about success, failure, and perseverence. Also worth watching: You Can Learn Anything, an inspirational video; and Growth Mindset, with famous Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck. We’ll send you the latest article every Sunday. Click here to get… Continue reading

Find Your Fierce

 We’ve written a lot about how to be gentle: how to listen, how to resolve conflicts non-violently, how to use proper etiquette and manners. What needs to be addressed now is how to be fierce. On this site, we use the following definitions of the word “fierce”:  “resolute or strenuously active” “of exceptional quality, exhibiting boldness or… Continue reading

Your Most Powerful Adversary: Yourself

People say, “I am my own worst  enemy,” but this language is not precise. What is meant by “worst” or “enemy”? Adversary has a more precise meaning. The Latin root is adversus which simply means “against.” Most of you are powerfully against yourself, even now, as you read these words. How do I know this is so? Because this… Continue reading