The Man Who Left a Six-Figure Sales Career To Teach Special Ed

Sorry about the headline. I had a really time hard coming up with one that didn’t sound like clickbait. But this article isn’t clickbait and there’s no hype in this story. As part of our ongoing Fierce Gentleman Profiles series, today we meet Mark T, father, weight lifter, and all-around “average” guy. Except there’s nothing “average” about… Continue reading

Lessons in Resilience From Navy SEALS And The Woman Who Swam From Cuba to Florida

Diane Nyad is a pretty impressive lady. In 2013, Diane swam from Florida to Cuba — a distance of over 100 miles — in an open ocean filled with deadly box jellyfish, sharks, and tropical storms. It took her over 50 hours to complete the swim. She was 64 years old. Reading stories like Diane’s has always made… Continue reading

How He Built a 7-Figure Business Before His 20th Birthday

At, we’re always trying to put the spotlight on the unsung Fierce Gentlemen who are already out there, making the world better, one dirty nappy at a time. We call these Fierce Gentleman Profiles and today, we bring you a good one Reader Erik Sterner now works with Antlos, the “AirBnB of the sea”, based on… Continue reading