The Power of Tantric Cuddling

People have been watching other people have sex since time immemorial. It’s inspiring. But when this becomes our main form of sexual enjoyment…things get a little weird. Much has been written about pornography, to which we’d just like to add: porn seems to be associated with a distinct loss of perspective. Divorced as they are from actual human presence… Continue reading

What it Really Means to “Keep Your Temper”

The following article was contributed by a Fierce Gentleman reader who is a self-described “ex-outlaw biker”. For anonymity purposes, he is going by the pseudonym The Mariner.  Is it our culture, the media or religious conflict that make us angry men? Action movies, thrillers, TV miniseries, TV news shows all display and provoke anger. Anger… Continue reading

The Necessity of Doing the Impossible

x What I love about Interstellar is that it’s a story about ordinary men, doing the impossible, out of necessity. If we’re honest with ourselves, we can all identify areas where we’ve failed to do what’s necessary, precisely because it seemed impossible at the time. Elon Musk said, “If something is important enough, even if the odds… Continue reading

How to Prevent Charleston, South Carolina From Happening Again

My perspective in this article is limited by my position as a white male. I was born into privilege. Growing up in predominantly white Oregon, I was met by validation from every side that I was the “right” color. So my experience with racism and racially motivated violence is limited, and everything I write is… Continue reading