Fierce Gentleman

A community of exceptional gentlemen.

What is a Fierce Gentleman?

Chivalry is not dead and the gentleman is still the best version of a man. The Fierce Gentleman is a 21st-century knight: a champion who respects himself, adores & uplifts women, and lives a life of chivalry, integrity, and service.

Our mission is nothing less than the betterment of the entire world, starting with ourselves, and our communities.

It is not for the faint of heart, but for those rare men willing to live daily the virtues of integrity, sobriety, temperance, patience, courage, and gentility.


Learn to live the success lifestyle within a brotherhood of Fierce Gentlemen who have already achieved that which you most desire.

We are building an exceptional international community of gentlemen and if you are fierce enough, you are invited to join us.

In our brotherhood is the knowledge, skill, accountability and support you need to reach your potential. Together, we become better than any of us can be alone.

Our camaraderie supersedes race, politics, & religion.


The Fierce Gentleman:

  1. Works to be 1% better every day.
  2. Measures himself against his own potential, not external competitors.
  3. Supports those around him, especially his brothers, and doesn’t try to do it all alone.
  4. Puts his family first.
  5. Uplifts women (& partners with them).
  6. Takes the time, and invests the money, to dress well.
  7. Knows that success is his duty, his responsibility, and his only option.


Drew Long, Founder

Drew Long is a blogger and men’s coach based in San Francisco, California. He has spent over 5 years coaching, training & mentoring men. He is the author of two books and hundreds of blog articles. You can connect with him on Twitter.


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