How Has Fierce Gentleman Helped You?

It’s my birthday today — would you do me a favor?

If reading or my emails has helped you in any way, at any point, leave a comment below letting me know how it has helped.

Nothing could be better than hearing how my material has helped you. Just leave a comment on this post. Or, upload a video to YouTube and tag it “fiercegentleman” and link it below.

The more specific, the better. Share a story. Tell us how FG helped you hit a goal, have a better relationship, earn more, get a better job — whatever. Provide specific, concrete numbers. Tell me what it meant to you. It would make my entire day.

Thank you for your readership, and thank you for all that you do to make the world better.

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20 Comments How Has Fierce Gentleman Helped You?

  1. Jake Laudenslager


    Your posts inspire me to live as a fierce gentleman everyday. They have allowed to stray from conformity I experience, especially in college-life, and seek pure authenticity. I’m very grateful I have found this site and it has allowed me to live a life with much less stress and other things that bring me down. Your perspective on attitude has helped teach me to face adversity with a positivity. I am a preferred walk on for the University of Arizona Football team and an entrepreneur. I can truly say that it is my attitude that has allowed me to excel. Living by the manifesto is leading me in the path I desire and I see myself becoming the young man that I can truly be proud of which is my top priority in life.

    1. Drew

      Mr. Laudenslager,
      Thank you for taking the time to post here — all good news and great to hear.
      Let us know what entrepreneurial activity you are involved in.
      Stay Fierce,

  2. Antonio Gallegos

    Happy Belayed Birthday!

    What I think about is the help I have obtained from you to have the mindset of an entrepreneur and to put a seed of growth in others. I have also learned about being thankful each and every day, have a vision and the importance of meditation. The 80/20 rule and being more empowered to live.

    Wishing you the best success and I am super thankful for you.

    BTW I got a call for an interview on the ED Department!

    1. Drew

      Congrats Antonio! I have every confidence you will do well in that interview. Don’t forget to meditate and visualize success before going into it :)

  3. Mark Goblowsky


    You and your work through Fierce Gentleman has been a huge inspiration to me. The wisdom you share through your own experience of pushing towards being a better man and the stories you find of others doing the same have moved me tremendously. Since connecting with you, your coaching tips and the Fierce Gentleman community, I have finished my first book (it just went to the editor), launched a podcast (over 50 episodes in four months) and and grown my own influence by over doubling the people I am connecting with in this world. Thank you Drew for all the work you do.

    1. Drew

      Congratulations Mark for finishing the book!
      It has been inspiring to connect with you as well..our email correspondence has been a source of strength and inspiration for me as well. You are on your way to creating a great work in the world and helping many, many other men. I am honored to have met you and can wish nothing but the best for you and your family and friends in 2017 and beyond.

  4. Eric Loftus

    Drew – Thank you very much for all you do. I can sincerely thank Fierce Gentleman for some major improvements in my life and a hell of a 2016. This year due to both the mediation group and more importantly the Mastermind Group (which I can not recommend enough) I have improved my spirituality practice, improved my relationship with my wife and started a new business. These would not have happened to this extent without FG and I am eternally grateful that our paths have crossed.

    To Byron’s point above, FG gives one an opportunity to communicate with like minded gentlemen who not only own their path in life but do it with a unwavering moral compass. Thanks again. Happy Birthday and best in 2017!

    1. Drew

      Thank you Eric — having you as part of the FG community has been nothing but exceptional and a huge shot in the arm when I needed it most. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for all that you do.

  5. Jeremiah Taylor

    Fierce gentlemen has helped me to reset goals and was an instrumentle in getting me focoused. I charge with 25% of my motivation to continue going my best through the end of last year, including conticontinuing working out through two ankle sprains (both ankles) a shoulder dislocation, and runners knee. I especially enjoyed the thought provoking emails. Your efforts have caused me muse instead of amuse, I am way more thoughtful then before I encountered you (the meditation group helped). Also you are partly responsible for helping me end procrastination, with all the little things you did through the meditation challenge and the emails (You responded faster then I did.)
     Happy birthday! I am really happy met you online! 

       Jeremiah Taylor

    1. Drew

      That is awesome to hear Jeremiah, and I am glad to have met you as well! Your progress in the meditation group and your continued willingness to help other men has been a genuine inspiration!

  6. byron

    Happy Birthday. I am a 74 year old curmudgeon. I was elated when I was first told about your site, particularly the philosophy behind the author. To paraphrase, you can be a young man, be stylish if you choose, be active and exciting and still have a code of conduct and behavior, as well a sense of direction that is honorable.

    Arguably, I have sensed three things that most folks want out of life (yes there may be more, it just didn’t register with me).

    I suspect that everyone of us wants to achieve a level of fulfillment. Families, careers, even personal interests. And Fierce Gentlemen are less focused on what other people think and more attuned to what we personally think in our quests and successes achieving our respective fulfillments.

    Peace, that, is inner peace. Yep, sometimes it seems elusive, but having the ability to know and be aware of tranquilness (is that a word? well you get the idea) has no substitute. It’s like having a set of values that you have really thought about and decided to use as a filter for your thoughts and behavior, ala being a fierce gentleman. I have found that having a well thought out, personally examined and tested rudder is paramount. Have you ever sailed a boat? You know you can sail a boat without a rudder as long as you are have no direction or goals and are happy to go wherever the wind blows. But, if you have a direction in which you wish to sail, then you are going to need a rudder to adjust for the whims of nature. In fact, with a rudder one can even sail against the winds that are contrary to the direction you want to head. As a Christian, my rudder is the ten commandments. It’s amazing how simple life becomes, how much easier it is to filter out bad ideas that are contrary to our core credos. For me, some of the credos are keeping my word; love, take care of, and NEVER cross the “cheating line” on my wife. Which brings me to a sideline. Cheating on your spouse. Cheating on your spouse is too narrow a description of what really happens. You don’t cheat just on your spouse. You also are cheating on your friends, your kids, the rest of your family, and most hurtful – your are cheating on yourself. After all you probably gave your word in front of a lot of people and gave your word to God that you were going to be true in every sense of the word and now you are not keeping your word. That’s not being a fierce gentleman!

    Lastly, if you are still reading this, I suspect that most of us want to be happy. And, this where we can get tripped up. A lot of folks thing that having fun is being happy. It can be. But, watch out what kind of fun you have or you might destroy any peace of fulfilment you have achieved.

    That’s a lot of stuff. Again, Happy Birthday and please, keep on keeping on.

    Lastly, I suspect there is a life goal that can trip us up.

  7. Peter loleit

    Your blog has been a great inspiration for me. I have followed it from the beginning. Keep up the good work and have a bountyful 2017.


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