When the problems of the world seem too big, it’s up to us to get bigger.

When we see lots of need in the world, it’s up to us to get giving.

An essential part of being a Fierce Gentleman is to address the biggest problems we are capable of solving. Sending a small amount of money to a charity or organization doing good works is tackling a very small part of a very big problem; but every little bit helps. Even $5 a month can help.

If you are not currently sending a small amount of money to charity every month, it’s important that you start. Everyone reading this can afford to give some amount, and giving will open up new avenues for you to receive in your own life.

It’s especially important that you reach out and being helping if you feel lonely, depressed or stuck.  You’ll find it’s impossible to feel depressed or anxious if you’re helping others.

So get giving today. Do it for others; do it for yourself.


  • Teachers ask. You chose. Donors Chose has been around since 2000, and has helped millions of kids get a better education. For this reason they’re my #1 pick for a charity for donation.
  • Bali’s Green School is a model of conservatism and brings together rich and poor children in the world’s largest free-standing bamboo structure to receive truly groundbreaking education.
  • UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund. Working to protect & better the lives of children everywhere.
  • Acumen Fund. This fund uses “patient capital” to invest in business start-ups that create social & economic returns for the world’s poorest.
  • Loans that change lives. Your money is lent to someone who otherwise has no access to capital and returned to you once they’ve finished using it. Think of it as a savings account with as purpose.
  • The Malala Fund. Educating the 61 million young women who do not have access to education. An extraordinary story and a worthy cause.

If you have any organizations you like to support, please contact us and let us know, and we’ll include them on this page.



The greatest gift you can give someone is your time; because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life you can never get back.

Here are just a few ideas. Contact us with other ideas you have found useful:

  • Volunteer at local soup kitchens to feed the hungry where you are. It’s unconscionable that we still have hunger and poverty in such a wealthy country. We can all contribute to ending hunger.
  • Picking up trash in your local area. This has many benefits, from crime to property values — to say nothing of beautifying the landscape you walk through every day.
  • Hold bake sales, car-washes, or garage sales and donate the proceeds to a local homeless shelter or job training program to alleviate poverty. Most of us have at least a couple hundred dollars’ worth of goods we can sell without missing them, and others need the money (and the goods) much more than we do.
  • Volunteer to spend time helping to mentor, coach or teach the next generation. A great national opportunity in this space is Big Brother Big Sister. In the education space, check out Citizen Schools and

What other causes do you personally donate your time or money to? You can tweet #getgiving to @FierceGentleman to start the conversation or make suggestions.