How Do You Develop The Mind of a Champion?

The world is getting harder every day.

If you’re a young man, you’re going to need all the mental strength you can get to succeed in this world.

13% of young men are unemployed, compared to 5.5% in the overall population. Generation Y makes up 40% of all unemployed workers. Is this because they are lazy? No. Technology came along and freed the middle class from needing jobs. The robots arrived. It is still happening, faster every day.

Generation Y has 4.6 million unemployed individuals, 2.6 million of which are long-term unemployed.

I talk to these guys ever day. They know this. They know they can’t just expect to get a good job and retire. Even if they’re working in a Billion-dollar, publicly traded company, they are thinking about entrepreneurship. They are looking to have a side hustle.

They know that a corporate job won’t give them the freedom they desire. They know a salary won’t make them rich.


How are you going to be happy in life? Create fulfillment, meaning, purpose? How are you going to leave the world  better than you found it?

Apart from needing a basic income to pay the basic bills, nobody needs a job. (After all it stands for Just Over Broke.) What we all need is a Purpose — something we can do that engages our creativity, our skills, and our gifts.

We can find that purpose through traditional work in a traditional job or we can chart our own future through the path of the creative-entrepreneur.

Those are your two choices. Full stop. I suppose you could drop out and work on a pot farm, but the readers of Fierce Gentleman are unlikely to want to do that.

It’s time to hustle. In order to do that, you need to develop what we call “the mind of a Champion.”

What is  champion and what is his (her) mind like?


If you can get your mind right, you can accomplish whatever you want.99percent

We’ve written before the traits of some of the world’s most strongest minds.

Common traits shared among ultra-endurance marathoners, long-distance ocean swimmers, and Navy SEALs:

  1. Grit – the ability to practice the hardest thing first and longest.
  2. Resiliency – developing your body & brain to “bounce back” from setbacks and trauma.
  3. Presiliency – conditioning your mind to be less reactive to stress mostly through meditation and overall health.

Having the mind of a champion means the following:

  1. Having a mind that can stay calm in the chaos
  2. Identifying others’ wants and needs and placing them first (serving others)
  3. Identifying a cause that resonates with you and contributing to it (“championing” a cause)
  4. Placing oneself on the line or in harms way in order to improve the world (taking real risks)
  5. Not taking undue pride from the above — remaining humble despite accomplishments — the true Champion is about Service, not Significance

You have to be a peaceful warrior. Serving others will bring you the peace of mind and focus that it takes to sustain for the long haul.


So how do you develop this mind of a Champion?

As incidental research during our work coaching hundreds of men, we have identified what we believe are the 3 essential ingredients:

Aspire to achieve: Have a deep-seated desire to achieve a defined goal. If you have the right goal, you will know it, because you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Realizing this goal can be likened to planting a seed that ultimately grows the large redwood tree. Without the seed there in the first place, the tree literally has no possibility of coming into existence. But with just a tiny seed, a massive, multi-ton organism can grow and live for 100+ years. Big things have small beginnings.

Belief in yourself: The next ingredient is to completely and wholeheartedly believe that you are capable of reaching the goal. There must be 100% faith and 0% doubt. Do not allow ANY doubt to creep in, at any time. Show doubt the door.  Realize that you have the skills necessary and the mental fortitude to pull together the resources that will be required if you are to actualize this goal. Belief is the sunlight in our redwood tree analogy. Without sunlight, the seed will never grow. Faith is the sunlight that feeds dreams.

Consciousness of the difficulties ahead: Once you want something with every fiber of your body, and you know you can get it accomplished, you must become conscious of the fact that it is not going to be easy. In fact, a true champion WILL fail multiple, maybe hundred, maybe thousands of times before ultimately achieving. Failure is the road to success. This is the water in our redwood analogy: all too often, folks get onto the road to success with great enthusiasm, unaware of the challenge they truly face. When they face their first difficulty, they give up. Without the clear, running water of consciousness to nourish the seed, it will never sprout.

When a quarterback prepares for his first game of the season, do you think he says to himself, “Oh, it’s just the Eagles, this will be easy.”

No. He thinks, “This is a professional football team filled with highly paid professional athletes who all want to be champions as badly as I do.” Better to over-prepare and dominate the competition than to under-prepare and end up looking like a fool for losing the opportunity to prevail.

To be great, you must practice your craft. You will not be a champion unless you practice the mindsets, practice the positivity, practice the skills, and practice the hardest part of your craft, day in, week out, month in, year out.

You must try everything you can think of.

You must seek mentors, coaches, and guides to help you shortcut the process.

You must invest in your own knowledge and skills above anything else.

You must surround yourself with positivity and positive people who lift you up.

You must never give up.

If you do that, you will reap the harvest of success.

Don’t stop until you get there.



6 Comments How Do You Develop The Mind of a Champion?

  1. Kyle

    I am one of those people that are working and making a decent wage, but still “hustling” on the side to provide for my family. I am writing a book and running a online personal trainer website called – – so I am totally on board with this mentality. It really is a different time than our parents and grandparents.

    1. Drew

      Hey Kyle – thanks for chiming in. We really have no choice. The economy is changing. You are either a “temp staffer” — even full-time employed are temp staffers — or you are an artist/entrepreneur/hustler. Let us know how we can help out in YOUR hustle!


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