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In a departure from our usual heady wall-of-text articles, I’m pleased to present below a profile of an up-and-coming Fierce Gentleman artist: 17-year-old electronic dance music DJ Just A Gent hails from Newcastle, Australia and has been involved in music since he was 7 years old.

In’s exclusive interview with J.A.G., he discusses his unique philosophy on being a young gentleman, as well as his musical background.

Although this musical style isn’t for everyone, I certainly dig it, and I’m always mightily encouraged by the example of younger men who are advancing into the future with a higher bar for their own morals and personal responsibility.

Enjoy the interview!

What is your earliest memory of making music? 

When I was 7 I wrote a song titled ‘Salt N Pepa’. It was my jam. My father helped out with the chords on guitar while I sang and came up with the melody. It could of went on to being a chart breaker, but unfortunately my dog ripped up the the lyrics that I had written down.

You have quite the variety on your Soundcloud page; what’s your favorite track (or just a track you had a blast making)? 

I will have to say my remix of Tears For Fears 80’s hit ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’. It was alot of fun and it was solely for the purpose of having fun. It is genuinely a fun track.

You are known for performing in formal wear. What message do you think this is sending, and why are you sending it? 

I think right now is a good time to make the world more aware of what really a gentleman should look like. I believe wearing a formal attire and doing what I do could quite possibly change the way people think of what people wear out at night and possibly even implement better behavior across men.

What defines a modern gentleman? 

A man with strong morals, who doesn’t NEED to take substances or be heavily intoxicated to have a good time, who doesn’t sleep around whilst in a relationship, who doesn’t spend there outings staring down at a mobile phone while other people socialise, who doesn’t need to do what everyone else does, who respects women and treats them the same as he would anyone, who doesn’t gossip and bag acquaintances out to make friends. who sets out to succeed and be motivated to do well for themselves and others and most of all who loves to wear a suit and look the part.

What do your peers think about your ideas about being gentlemanly?

I think mostly they respect it. I think many also think its a silly idea and take it more as a joke than anything, but hey, they will come around

When you look at the “10 Traits of a Fierce Gentleman, which trait do your relate to most personally? 

The trait that I most relate to personally is number 7, ‘He has a backbone’.

What’s your #1 etiquette tip? 

Don’t promise anything that you cannot fulfill

You have some awesome album art, and I understand it’s drawn from deviant art. How did you approach these artists to collaborate?

Thank you, yes it is drawn from Deviant Art. Generally if I see an artwork I love, I will just email the artist asking for permission to use it and that I will include their details etc. But in the case of needing an artwork done, I have a full concept and brief that I will write down and pitch to multiple artists and then once completed I will buy the work off them, this was the case with the new EP art.

What’s next for you in terms of music? 

Hopefully one of the most exciting, most innovative live acts that my team and I can quite possibly conduct. In the meantime though, I will be releasing many original tunes and a bunch of new remixes that I have thrown together over the past year!

What do you think is more important – formal education or pursuing your craft / passion? 

Pursuing your passion or craft without a single doubt. Formal education is great and I plan on returning to classes in the future but right now I have the opportunity of 1 in a million, so why not take it. I have dreamed of travelling the world and making music and never thought it to be really possibly but look at me now. I am currently writing this before jumping on a plane to Vancouver.

Are you down for spinning some music at the annual Fierce Gentleman Charity Ball 2015? ;-)

I think that sounds quite splendid, I’m down ;)

Thank you very much for having me!

Thanks for sharing some time with us, and stay gentlemanly! 

Check out more of Just a Gent on his Soundcloud page or follow him on Twitter


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  2. Beatriz

    This kid certainly CAN spin!
    Thank you for sharing. I’m always on the lookout for good music and this is an artist I will support.
    Purchased, pre-ordered and downloading his stuff from iTunes right now, thanks to your article. :)

    1. Andrew

      Awesome Beatriz! It definitely helps that he has such a straight moral compass. I love supporting artists that stand for something. Thanks for commenting!


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