UK Breakup Coach Laura Yates on Dating in the 21st Century

The Fierce Gentleman is constantly in demand as a romantic partner — partly because he is winning in other areas of his life, and partly because he has done his work on himself in order to heal his wounds when it comes to women.

I recently met a wonderful woman who is doing great work in the area of dating & romance, helping both men & women overcome their painful breakups: meet one of the UK’s top dating coaches, Laura Yates.

Laura was recently short-listed for the UK’s “Top Dating Coach” award, and has also been featured on Sky TV, FHM magazine, and had her writing published in Mail Online.

I recently interviewed Laura, and then we got back together to do a joint live dating coaching session, which was a great success. Scroll down to see first our video interview and then our live video dating advice with some special guests!

Our first interview was far-ranging and insightful, and includes such gems as:

  • The most common piece of advice Laura gives to her male clients
  • One of the most powerful tools you can use post-breakup to recover emotionally (10:30)
  • The biggest challenges of the modern dating world (14:25)
  • The mindset you need to have in modern dating (18:00)
  • What is the fine line between “being persistent” and “being a stalker” with men pursuing women? (20:20)
  • The critical importance of boundaries in dating and relationships (24:51)
  • The difference between being a “nice guy” and a “good guy” (28:45)
  • Differences between the U.S. and the U.K. dating scene (30:00)
  • Watch us live-coach Henry through his potential “friendzone” situation (35:00 to 38:00)
  • The biggest antidote to coming across as “desperate” (38:50)
  • How to get over being a shy guy – one of the BIGGEST tips for overcoming shyness and meeting women anyway (41:18)
  • Where does confidence come from? (45:00)
  • The difference between self-esteem and confidence (46:00)

We got back together recently to do a joint coaching session, which you can watch the replay of below:

I think Laura is a fabulous coach. For more, you can find Laura on:

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